Still Another Image Test

If you signed up for updates to this place, you’ll get these tests now and then while I continue to try and figure out all the details. Based on the feedback I got, I seem to be on the right track. Nobody seems to have any readability issues so far. It will be rare that I put up more than one photo and a couple of paragraphs here, so reading on a dark background shouldn’t give you a headache.

Have never been sure what my allowable width for images has been on this theme, so that is what this is for. Images are just as important as words for what I do, so the bigger the better. 10 years ago when all there was for access was dial-up, I used to put up 3×4 inch images. Now cable seems to have no limits. The limits are determined by the chosen theme. I always pick the widest ones I can find for my images.

First up is how I’ve been doing things for the last few years. A 6×8 inch image.

Next is 5.25×7 inches and yes, there’s a reason for the quarter inch, that’s the way they scale. I don’t like to crop images much.

Last is a 4.5×6 inch image. I have a feeling this is just going to be too small for my liking.

Well it sure looks like I can keep doing things the way I’ve been doing them the last few years. A little smaller is tolerable, but the smallest is just too small for me.

If the big images are too much for the little hand held smart like phones and pads out there, oh well. That’s what you get for using those little things. I’ve never seen how they look on devices like that and I’m not sure I care. Since I only use my phone as a phone, I’ll probably never know.